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Official Fees

2019-5-29 18:05:45

I.Application Total
       1.Filing an Invetion 900
         Printing fee 50
       2.Filing an Utility model 500
       3.Filing an Design 500
II.Substantive examination fee 2500
       1.Invetion 1000
       2.Utility model 300
       3.Design 300
IV.Maintenance fee (per annum for the first three years after authorization) 300
V.Registration of change of bibliographic data 
       1.for inventor, applicant 200
       2.for patentee 50
VI.Claiming priority 80
VII.Restoring right 1000
VIII. Filing request for invalidation 
       1.Invetion 3000
       2.Utility model 1500
       3.Design 1500
IX.Filing request for compulsory license 
       1.Invetion 300
       2.Utility model 200
X. Filing request for adjudication on compulsory license fee 300
XI.Patent certificate fee (including printing fee and stamp tax) 
       1.Invetion 255
       2.Utility model 205
       3.Design 205
XII.Additional charges 
       1.The first request for extend the deadline 300
         Filing request for extend the deadline again per month 2000
       2.Additional charge for claims in excess of 10, per claim 150
       3.Additional charge for specification including
drawings in excess of 30 pages, per page 50
         in excess of 300 pages, per page 100
XIII. Filing request for suspension of procedure 600
XIV.Evaluation report 2400
XV.Annuities Total
         1st to 3rd year 900
         4th to 6th year 1200
         7th to 9th year 2000
         10th to 12th year 4000
         13th to 15th year 6000
         16th to 20th year 8000
       2.Utility model 
         1st to 3rd year 600
         4th to 5th year 900
         6th to 8th year 1200
         9th to 10th year 2000
         1st to 3rd year 600
         4th to 5th year 900
         6th to 8th year 1200
         9th to 10th year 2000
PCT application for national phase entry(RMB:¥)
I.Surcharge for late national phase entry within the grace period 1000
II.Revising Chinese translation (during preliminary examination) 300
III.Revising Chinese translation (during substantive examination) 1200
IV.Restoring an invention unsearched in the international phase 900
V.Correcting priority claim simultaneously with the entry 300
After entering the national phase, other expenses are charged according to the standards for domestic application.


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