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Copyright Registration Application in the PRC

2019-5-29 18:11:54

In China, it is adopted a voluntary copyright registration system. Chinese Copyright Protection Center (CPCC hereinafter) is authorized to accept copyright registration applications from overseas applicants and to conduct verification to the application documents. When the application is approved, the National Copyright Administration will issue copyright registration certificate which will be considered prima facie evidence by the court in copyright dispute trial.
Presently there are two channels to obtain a Copyright Registration Certificate in China: 
A. applying for Copyright Registration, which can be filed by the copyright owner who are: 
a. the author of the work,
b. a citizen or legal entity who obtain the copyright by way of succession, or
c. a succeeding legal entity or other organization which takes over the former copyright owner’s rights and obligations after the status of the former copyright owner is changed or terminated.  

The basic documents that shall be submitted to the CCPC in support of an application for copyright registration are listed as follows:
1) Power of Attorney duly signed by the applicant,
2) duly sealed or signed Works for Voluntary Registration Ownership Statement,
3) identification of the applicant (eg. a copy of first page of passport of an individual or a copy of business certificate of a company),
4) duly sealed or signed Application Form for Copyright Registration,
5) photographs or sample of the work,
6) a duly sealed or signed Introduction to the Work

B. applying for recordal of the agreement on transfer of copyright which can be filed by copyright owner who obtained copyright in an agreement on transfer of copyright.
1) duly sealed or signed Application Form for recordal of agreement on transfer of copyright,
2) an original copy of the agreement on transfer of copyright or a notarized and legalized copy of the Agreement,
3) an executed POA,
4) copies of Business Registration/License/ Certificate of the assignor and assignee,
5) photograph or sample of the copyrighted work, 

For filling in the above mentioned Application Forms, we need the following information:
1) English name of the work and Chinese name if available
2) date on which the work is completed,
3) date on which the work was firstly published if the works had been published,
4) nature of the work,published,
5) name of the first publishing entity,
6) the country and city where the work was first published, and
7) contact details of the copyright owner (or assignor and assignee) including the address, name of a contact person, telephone and fax numbers of the contact person.


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