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Customs Recordal for Copyright

2019-5-29 18:13:03

Where our clients intends to have his copyright protected through the Chinese Customs, he may firstly record his copyright with the General Customs Administration of China. The client wishes to record his copyright with the Customs should provide the following documents and information:


1. a duly executed Power of Attorney,
2. a copy of business license/registration/certificate document,
3.a copy of copyright registration certificate issued by National Copyright Administration of China or local overseas copyright administration attached with a photo (photos) of the copyrighted work authenticated by the National Copyright Administration,
4. and sample or photographs in JPG format showing the copyrighted work.


1. regarding the copyright owner including its name, nationality, domicile, legal representative, telephone number, fax number, department and title of a connecting person,
2. regarding the suspected infringers including their names, addresses, products, and specific borders that the products enter or leave the country,
3. regarding any license contracts involved including the name and address of the licensee, the goods authorized to be manufactured or distributed, and the term of valid of the license contract.


We will file an online application with the General Customs Administration of China for recordal of trademark right, and submit afterwards related documents in written in support of the application.

The General Customs Administration of China shall, within 30 days from the receipt of all the requisite documents, notify the applicant or its agent whether the copyright is successfully recorded. When the application is approved, a Notification of Approval for Recordal will be sent to us by email. The duration of the Customs recordal shall be 10 years form the date of fulfillment of the recordal. And the renewal for another 10 years is available.


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