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Customs Protection Method

2019-5-29 18:14:26

Under the circumstance that client have recorded its registered IPR with the General Administration of Chinese Customs, the local Customs will survey the imports and exports of goods related to the IPR, and suspected exporting or imported suspected infringing goods from leaving or entering into Chinese boarders. Then the Customs will notify us in written concerning the seizure. If client believes that the goods seized infringe its IPR, we will file on behalf of client a formal request with the Custom requesting Customs protection within three working days counted as of the date of receipt of the notice. On receiving the Request, the Customs will detain the goods and conduct an investigation. Upon investigation, if the detained goods are held being infringing goods, the Customs will issue a Decision of Administration Punishment of confiscating the goods and imposing a fine.


At the request of IPR owner, the Customs will also detain temporarily suspected infringing goods, and transfer the case to the court afterwards.

Normally, we are contacted by the local Customs when they seize suspected infringing goods, and report the condition of the goods and name of the exporter to the clients. We then take instructions from clients to inspect the goods at the local Customs or file a request with the local Customs for Customs protection. We also provide necessary assistance to the Customs in their investigation at their requests and will forward Administrative Decision to client issued by the Customs.


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